Sleep is our passion – with more than 25 years of experience in the field of sleep medicine we were involved right from the start and gained valuable know-how from a very early stage.

15 years ago, our SOMNOscreen™ was our first ambulatory and stationary PSG system. It was so small and lightweight that it could be worn on the patient’s body, allowing unprecedented mobility and comfort during measurements. Of course all the data is transferred telemetrically directly to the PC which also set a new standard for what was possible in a sleep laboratory.

Even today, our diagnostic solutions convince with innovative features such as continuous impedance control, continuous blood pressure determination using the PTT (Pulse Transit Time) and even wireless sensors!

In order to be able to offer you the best sleep diagnostic devices we must also offer the best possible support – as such our service team can be reached free of charge 24/7. Having all the departments including R & D, software development and sales under one roof allows us to respond immediately to any issue you might have.

But it’s not just you, who benefits from that – huge amounts of your feedback directly from your daily practice flows directly into the product development team. As an example, we developed a unique simplified manual scoring that allows for a sleep stage analysis to be done in only 5 minutes – with comparable precision as manually evaluated measurements.

With new methods, such as phase angle analysis, continuous blood pressure measurement without a cuff or our innovative sensors (e.g. intercostal EMG, simplified sleep scoring with the combi electrode), you can be sure that our ideas are born out of solving everyday problems found in sleep medicine. We can of course prove all of our methods through many publications.

Within our product family we offer solutions for ambulatory as well as stationary applications: starting with actigraphy and polygraphy moving up to the more sophisticated systems such as polysomnography with up to 32 EEG channels.

Please find below our solutions for sleep diagnostics: